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  Educational Equipment

   This offer is the methodics of laboratory practical courses of physics, related to the sections of electrophysics, magnetics, and physics of atom and atomic nucleus.

   The essence of this approach is the optimization of teaching procedures in a physics laboratory allowing to avoid two extremities: full automation or even computerization of the physics laboratory, and the well-known scheme when a measuring circuit assembled by students from ready-made off-the-shelf instruments, wires, rheostats. In the first case, the sophisticated hardware and automation distract students from the studied subject itself; while in the second case, too much time is wasted to set up an experiment. The idea of such approach appeared as a result of summarizing of many laboratory works described in literature.

  Apart from organization of the teaching process, this approach allows to use the same equipment base for providing different levels of education, from secondary (comprehensive and vocational) education to bachelorship and unaided research efforts of students.

   We have developed procedural manuals and laboratory benches allowing to experimentally study a phenomenon in a module of 2 to 6 laboratory tasks, and to obtain the basic relationships and parameters of the theory of the given section of the course.

We offer procedural guidelines and laboratory benches on the following modular subjects:

  1. Study of instruments in a magnetoelectric system. How to use instruments in studying electrical and non-electrical quantities;
  2. Study of thermionic emission;
  3. p-n junction;
  4. Thermoelectric phenomena in metals;
  5. Positron annihilation.

   The laboratory benches are designed for unaided work of students. The dimensions are 25020040 mm3, with two benches mountable on one tabletop.

  The personnel of our organization have successful experience of the use of this method and equipment for 15 years.

  The advantages of such organization of laboratory practice are:

  • The plants are simple and visually perceptible, which allows studying a phenomena as a 'pure case';
  • The plants allow to intensify the instruction process and offer an individual approach to each student;
  • Students acquire experience in unaided research; Work can be performed all along the line;
  • The laboratory area is used efficiently;
  • The laboratory benches may be computer-interfaced;
  • The benches do not require maintenance;
  • The low cost of the benches will enable their installation in secondary-school physics rooms, and laboratories of universities and colleges;
  • The benches are ideal for remote instruction;
  • The benches may be used for demonstration purposes during lectures in smaller classrooms;
  • The benches may be installed in mobile physics laboratories, such as lab vans or lab railcars.

  The offered procedural manuals and equipment may be used for education in any specialty where the curriculum contains a course of physics, and for organization of the teaching process in schools, colleges, academies, and similar educational institutions.

  Our company provides the complete set of services, from supply of equipment and manuals to introduce our laboratory practice method to teachers of physics, and to conduct demonstration classes and seminars.

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