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Furnace Gases Treatment Plant

  The plant is a treatment facility intended to remove nitrogen and sulfur compounds contained in gas emissions of powerplants, metalworks, and similar productions.

  Demonstrating better results compared to similar equipment, the plant offered by NPK "EPT" has a definitely lower cost.

Furnace Gases Treatment Plant

AV1: Hydrogen Analyzer for Aluminum Alloys

  At present time AV-1 is offered to non-ferrous metal foundries which want to improve quality of their products. However, there are a lot of possible uses of this apparatus. AV-1 is able to measure hydrogen content in any state of matter - liquid, gaseous or solid.

  For determining H content of aluminium alloys AV-1 uses the vacuum heating method. The use of a low-cost, small-size mass spectrometer brings modifications of quality in the process of analysis. It allows not only to define with 99% accuracy the hydrogen content in metal, but also to indicate the surface hydrogen as well as the hydrogen content in different layers of a sample.

  Due to its simple principle of operation, the apparatus shows a high reliability level and has a lower cost compared to similar-purpose equipment.

AV-1 hydrogen analyser

GAS LEAK - A Universal Gas Calibration Device for Mass Spectrometers, Leak Detectors, and Other Vacuum Instruments

   The Gas Leak device is a solution that makes the process of vacuum instrument calibration simpler and cheaper.

  At present, the device is successfully used to calibrate the AV1 instrument's mass spectrometer.

Equipment for Intense Instruction in Physics Laboratories

  The offered equipment allows to improve the quality of instruction in such subjects as electrophysics and magnetics, and physics of atom and atomic nucleus.

  The instruments and specially developed instruction methods allow to explain physical processes in a plain and visually perceptible way. Along with this, the equipment may be used for students' research work.

Equipment for Intense Instruction in Physics Laboratories

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